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Built in traditional architecture, IRIA BAY rooms, located in Iria Beach of Argolida. It is less than 2 hours from Athens and about 15 minutes from the historic center of Nafplion. We offer 7 independent apartments, harmoniously connected with a lovely garden. We also offer a peaceful environment for a holiday, just 5 meters from the sea and our guests will find a comfortable, clean accommodation, Friendly staff and relaxing atmosphere. We are looking forward to meet you.








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    Nafplio is a city of Peloponnese, capital of Argolida and the main port of the eastern Peloponnese. It is known for Mpoyrtzi small fortress built on an islet in the harbor, the Palamidi, Venetian fortress that dominates the city, for Akronayplia (Itch Kale), another Venetian fortress on the homonymous place. Each year, the municipality of Nafplio organizes many artistic and cultural events.


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    Epidaurus is a historic town of Argolis and is built at the foot of the mountains Arachnaio, Korifaio and Tithio, where, according to mythology, Asclepius was born there. Theatre of Epidaurus the finest ancient Greek theatre, was built in a ravine at 340 BC. The theatre is marveled for its exceptional acoustics. To live and feel this experience, do not miss the  Epidaurus Festival every year.


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    Mycenes (Mycenae) was an ancient city of Argolis, near mountain Tritos, across from the bay of Argolis. Today in this position there is a small village (Charvati) and the ruins of the Acropolis, which always remind the old and glorious times of Greece. The most important of the remaining ruins are the two royal funerary enclosures, the treasure of Atreus (curvy Tomb), the vaulted tomb of Clytemnestra, the Lion Gate, the Royal palace, the temple, the North Gate and the underground cisterns.
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    Porto Heli is another seaside village of Argolis. Located south of the Peloponisse, built on a natural harbor next to the ruins of the ancient city of Alieon (Fishermen). From the port of Porto Helis, many small boats depart for nearby islands of the Argosaronic and on the opposite coast of Tyros and Leonidion. Fabulous events take place in the context of "cultural August". Allso the "Week of Marine" with events and sports takes place every two years, and the festival of art and culture takes place every summer.
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    Franchthi cave is located on the northern side of Koiladha Bay in the southwestern Argolid. It was occupied during the Upper Palaeolithic (40-10,000 B.C.), Mesolithic (9-7,000 B.C.) and Neolithic periods (7-3,000 B.C.). During the Palaeolithic and Mesolithic, the cave was inhabited seasonally by mobile hunter-gatherers and fishermen who used tools made of hard and sharp stones such as flint and obsidian. For most of the 20th century the cave was used as a seasonal animal pen.
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    Built in a beautiful part of Argolida, Ermioni, a magic and attractive land, stands up against the touristic islands of Argosaronicos golf. The pine forested slopes surrounding the town, touch the deep blue water of its golden beaches. The village, with its traditional beautiful houses, is set among a fertile plain. Visit Ermioni to enjoy moments of comfort and relaxation in a picturesque seaside village. Inhabited almost continuously since 3000 BC., Ermioni reveals its splendor and its history in your every step.
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    Tiryns is a Mycenaean archaeological site in Argolis, one of the most important aacropolis associated with many mythical heroes. Here the visitor will see the frescoed palace, the rustic tunnels, the western bastion and the impressive escape staircase. The famous megaron of the palace of Tiryns has a large reception hall, the main room of which had a throne placed against the right wall and a central hearth bordered by four Minoan-style wooden columns that served as supports for the roof. Two of the three walls of the megaron were incorporated into an archaic temple of Hera.
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    The cosmopolitan seaside town of Tolo is an ideal destination for summer vacation. Here you can enjoy unique moments of relaxation or action on the sandy beach, the evergreen mountain slopes and the picturesque islands decorating the small bay. It is the perfect place for any kind of vacation .Alongside the village there is a beautiful beach with fine golden sand. Due to the beach’s unique sand, the beach is called “Psili Ammos” (Fine Sand) and is a trademark for Argolida.




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